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Novel info

Title: 天地白驹 (Tiandi Baiju)

Author: 非天夜翔 (Feitian)

Translators: beansprout, grape seed

Editor: opal

TL Status: Ongoing

Genre: Modern, Romance, Sci-fi, Action, Mystery, Psychological

Chapters: 74

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No single thing abides, but all things flow.

One’s life passes as quickly as a white steed gallops past a slight crack—in a mere instant.

Translator’s note: The first line is a Lucretius quote. The second line comes from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s writings and is also the quote from which the title, Tiandi Baiju (天地白驹), is derived.

Translator’s blurb

After his grandfather’s passing, Zhou Luoyang moves himself and his younger brother to Wan City to start a new chapter of their lives. Unfortunately, he’s inherited his grandfather’s debts, and on top of that, he is now the sole, unemployed guardian of his handicapped brother. While searching for funding to reopen his grandfather’s antique shop, he runs into a familiar face, one he hasn’t seen in years. After all this time, Zhou Luoyang and Du Jing’s circumstances are now both very different, but Du Jing’s condition, as well as the bond between them, are still as starkly present as ever. 

Soon, Zhou Luoyang discovers that Du Jing is involved in a dangerous line of work, and with the help of a strange, old watch left behind in his grandfather’s warehouse, they toe the treacherous line between Asia’s criminal underbelly and its law enforcement, juggle the weight of mental illness, and learn that it’s okay to love each other—across the past, present, and future.